I bought a bucket at the farmer's market and made oyster 'shroom chips

Published on Oct 19, 2021

The thing about growing food is that you have to look at what other people are doing, not just rely on books you read about the subject. At the weekly farmer's market, I found a guy who makes and sells these buckets of oyster mushrooms, filled with straw as the substrate.

A bucket 'o oysters
Little rooms on the way to their new home

I noticed the guy taped the holes (there are about 8 around the bucket, four around the bottom and four around the op) with I suspect micropore tape. The only thing that I forgot to ask him was about covering the holes again once I've harvested the shrooms. Oh well, next time I'll pop by his stall and ask.

an oyster mushroom growing in a bucket on a kitchen counter

To my amazement, I could harvest the mushrooms in less than a week after I purchased them. It's a pity that I forgot to take a photo of the white spores dropping on the kitchen counter. It almost looks like a thin layer of very fine icing sugar or something. Spores are like the seed of a mushroom, although not really, but that's the most basic description of it.

harvested oyster mushroom on a bucket
Harvested and ready to cook

I personally don't like the bucket that much, because the top holes are too close to the rim and seem to constrain the mushroom somewhat. Another issue is that the bottom holes are too close to the bottom and it bothers me that the mushroom touches the surface. Maybe not a big deal, but it does bother me.

The mushrooms were a bit tough when I cooked them, I am not the world's best cook. I only cooked one of them, the other one I put in a bowl to cut and dry in the oven later.

To dry them, they say you must slice the mushroom into smaller pieces and dry it in the oven. I had it on 150°C for waaaay too long, almost 25 minutes and they came out a bit... dehydrated.

Initially I wanted to simply dry them, freeze them and cook them at a later date, but seeing as I've basically roasted them completely, I decided to make some chips instead. Quite tasty I might add!

Oyster mushroom chips
Sprinkle with some salt and spices and you've got a healthy snack